Portable Sanitization Fogger




Automatically sanitize any space – roll in the fogger, set the timer, push start, and leave it!
Easy, quick, and effective – making superior defense against COVID-19 and many other viruses and bacteria’s!

The portable sanitization delivery system’s simplistic design allows the user to release a disinfectant of choice into any indoor environment in the form of a fine, dry fog composed of droplets between 6-10 microns.

This fine fog easily settles on or can be absorbed by different surfaces situated in the space. The fog will get into areas that conventional disinfecting systems cannot. This ensures a 100% effective and efficient sanitization approach.

The fogger’s technology helps reduce human error and minimizes user exposure to sanitizing chemicals and pathogens while also saving time, money, and labor.


  • Spray Flow Rate: 0.5 to 1.0 GPH
  • Power 110 Volt (8 amps)
  • Tank Capacity: 5 US gallons
  • Tank Material: HDPE
  • Weight (Empty): 85 lbs. (empty) | 125 lbs. (full)
  • Dimensions: 11” x 18” x 32” H

Specification Sheet


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