Mini Temp Plus

Precision environmental control systems are designed to protect sensitive electronic equipment. The Compu-Aire Mini-Temp Plus environmental control systems meet the demands of computer room, and other spot cooling operations, while offering the flexibility and convenience of easy installation.
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Product Features

  • Computer matched
  • easy service
  • High efficiency
  • quiet operation
  • Reliable
  • Space saving design

Optional Feature

  • Filter box
  • Steam generating humidifier
  • Electric reheat (5 ton)
  • Air distribution plenum
  • Condensate pump
  • Low ambient control floodback type (-30°f) for pfcu or cfcu
  • Low ambient control variable speed for pfcu
  • Extended compressor warranty
  • Advanced technology controls – system 2200
  • System 2000 microprocessor controls
  • Hot gas bypass
  • Low ambient damper
  • Three way water regulating valve