Gripple provides a wide range of wire hangers for fast suspension of cable containment, pipework, radiant panels and chilled beams. Gripple’s suspension kits are engineered with simplicity in-mind, ensuring that you make significant savings in time and labor on your install.

> Pipe Bracket & Twist Clamp Systems: 
Gripple’s pipe hangers have revolutionized mechanical service installs by delivering a universal pipework suspension solution, with tool-free attachment and adjustment, as well as helping to simplify the take-off process.
> Standard Hangers & Trapezes:
Gripple’s wire hangers can be used for suspending cable basket, ladder, tray or secondary support which ensures efficient solutions for suspending electrical services. They are available in a variety of sizes and delivered as bespoke kits with ready-cut lengths of cable and a wide range of pre-swaged end fixings to suit all substrates, we cater our suspension kits to your installation needs, eliminating the need for additional preparation and ensuring your install runs smoothly.

Gripple offers significant advantages in the installation of all types of heating, ventilation and air conditioning services when compared to traditional ‘clamp and rod’ methods. Gripple’s range of HVAC solutions ensure that you will make significant savings in time and labor costs; the flexibility of their system allows for suspension of services from any angle, whilst maintaining unyielding support once in place.

> Duct Trapeze:
Gripple’s duct trapezes provide a solution for the suspension of rectangular ducting; suitable for a range of ducting sizes, the integral pin allows for rapid adjustment and the rubber pad prevents leakage and dampens vibration.
> Butterfly Trapeze:
The butterfly trapeze offers a solution for the suspension of plenum boxes, small duct work and instances where space is tight. It can also be used for multi-tiered installations.
> Standard Hanger:
The Gripple standard hangers are a versatile and simplistic means of suspension for spiral, oval and rectangular duct.

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